Tory councillor resigns in protest at Brexit ‘failure’

PUBLISHED: 16:17 25 July 2018

Saffron Walden Town Hall, where the town council sit. Picture: SAFFRON PHOTO

Saffron Walden Town Hall, where the town council sit. Picture: SAFFRON PHOTO

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A Saffron Walden town councillor who recently announced his resignation from the Conservative Party and town council has withdrawn his resignation and will now sit as an independent.

Councillor David Sadler, who serves on Saffron Walden Town Council, announced his resignation because he felt the Prime Minister Theresa May had failed to deliver on her election promises on Brexit.

He then withdrew his resignation after talks with the mayor, Councillor Paul Fairhurst, and announced he would be sitting as an independent for the remainder of the term.

Mr Sadler had been a Conservative Party member since the age of 15 and said he had dedicated the past 12 years of his life to the party.

He said: “Firstly, I had been in discussion with the local Conservatives about the possibility of standing for both the town and district councils at next year’s local elections.

“I do appreciate the offer and sentiments behind it, especially given how vocal I had been with my disappointment with both the local and national picture for some time. The discussions had been positive, and I had been optimistic that I could continue as a Conservative.

“Having said that, given what came to light last week, there is no way I could honestly go back to the electorate as a Conservative and continue to ask the electorate of Saffron Walden and Uttlesford to support the Conservatives given the prime minister’s failure to deliver on her election promises of just last year.

“Whether you are for remaining as a member of the European Union, or want independence, we were under no illusion about what voting Conservative was for at the last general election.

“Brexit meant Brexit. Instead we have been left with a “Fexit” scenario that even staunch EU supporter Nick Clegg agrees is the worst possible outcome.

“At the weekend the prime minister said to the press that if we didn’t accept her Brexit plan, which would be to remain as a vassal state of the European Union with only token independence, we wouldn’t get any independence at all. This was not the clause written on the referendum, which asked us the simple question. Did we want to leave or remain. The majority voted leave.

“How could I honestly ask anyone to vote Conservative again with the prime minister taking that position?”

“The referendum it seems was quite literally not worth the paper it was written on.”

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