Debbie Bland Foundation launched in memory of kind mum

The late Debbie Bland of Hazel End near Stansted, Essex

The Debbie Bland Foundation will ensure Debbie's name lives on - Credit: Red On Blonde Photography

A new Foundation is being set up to support patients at Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge, in memory of a mum who lived in Stansted.

And its JustGiving page has already raised over £3,500 to support patients on Level 4, to help make hospital stays more comfortable.

Mum of three Debbie Bland worked as a childminder, and was the much-loved wife of Russell, who had been a tenant farmer at Hazel End before he changed jobs and became a lorry driver.

Debbie contracted Covid-19 and died aged 59 on April 4.

It was just three weeks before what would have been her 60th birthday on April 24.

The late Debbie Bland, pictured with daughter Hannah Neaves and grandchild, Essex

Hannah Neaves, with one of her children and her mum Debbie Bland - Credit: Hannah Neaves

Daughter Hannah Neaves, 36, from Farnham near Stansted, said her family had spent two and a half years trying to protect their mum from the pandemic, as they had been warned that catching Covid-19 would be catastrophic to Mrs Bland’s health.

Mrs Bland (nee Manning) had successfully battled a number of medical conditions including Non-Hodgkin lymphoma twice, oesophagus cancer, chest infections, pneumonia, and episodes of Addison’s Disease.

Hannah said that initially, when her mum caught Covid she seemed to be coping but her health spiralled downwards on day 10, and she had to be admitted to Papworth for support, then into intensive care, which led to a C-Pap machine, and eventually a ventilator.

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“If she had not caught Covid she would have been here today. That’s what I struggle with.”

Hannah added: “As a family we are totally devastated as she has left a huge hole in all our hearts.

“She was the most kindest, warmest and loving person you could ever meet, she always had time for everybody, and she never moaned or asked why me? She always showed such strength, bravery and courage even right up until the end.

“She was the best mum anyone could have wished for and an amazing wife and grandma too. She was one of life’s real treasures.

“Going forward I wanted to do something to make sure mum’s memory was kept alive.” 

The late Debbie Bland: Artwork showing a yellow rose and the words Debbie Bland Foundation. Essex

A yellow rose in artwork created by Elena Blane, and turned into a pin badge by the family of Debbie Bland - Credit: Elena Blane

The family has produced pin badges with a yellow rose, Mrs Bland’s favourite flower. They are being sold in exchange for a small donation for Papworth.

A memorial Facebook page will share future fundraising events.
Search for Debbie Bland Foundation on Facebook, and see JustGiving.