Diggers and shovels used in desperate bid to rescue dog down rabbit hole


Dottie - Credit: Archant

Diggers and shovels were used as a family took drastic action to find their beloved pet pooch – which was eventually discovered when the dog’s mum sniffed it out TWO DAYS after going missing.

The dramatic rescue mission took place after Dottie, a Yorkshire Terrier, disappeared on Sunday in Great Bardfield.

Owner Claire Jackman spent hours frantically searching for her pet, but it was Dottie’s mum Nessie who saved the day. Nessie managed to sniff out her daughter in a rabbit hole just 200 metres from the spot where she went missing.

Miss Jackman, along with her brother William and dad Alan, used shovels and a digger to free the dog from the hole – despite having no real evidence to confirm she was even down there.

She told the Broadcast: “When I saw the digger I was so scared we would crush her, either with the sand or the bucket. We had to work slowly but I was so worried because I could not hear anything. It just kept going through my mind that we were looking in the wrong place.

“But the moment Dottie jumped out of the hole I just screamed and screamed. At first I did not recognise her because she was covered in mud but I knew it must be her. It was amazing.”

Miss Jackman had been staying at her father’s house, in Mill Road, and was looking after his animals, including horses. Dottie ran off when they went to check on the horses.

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After two days of searching Miss Jackman was beginning to give up hope as the three-year-old dog was so small. She did not know if she could survive the winter weather.

“I wanted to stay positive and think she was still alive but it was hard. She is so small, and with it being so cold, I could not help but think the worst. But I was not prepared to give up. My dogs are like my surrogate children.” said Miss Jackman. “The strange thing is I was looking after my dad’s animals and managed to lose one of mine. Fireworks were taking place on Sunday, I am not sure if that is what scared her off.”

Miss Jackman thanked all the people who helped with the search, adding that the “community really pulled together”.