Duxford author launches her first book

A DUXFORD author has identified a gap in the children’s market and has written a book to fill it.

Circle of Life is a story about life and death from a spiritual perspective. It tells the tale of a Great Spirit who sent his beloved children and his beautiful angels to Earth so that his children could learn to look after it, guided and helped by the angels.

They will do this until such time as they feel they are ready to go back to their Great Father in Heaven.

The author Marilyn Taylor, a medium who writes under her spiritual name of Marilyn Whitestar, said: “I had a look around and realised that there were lots of books on Spiritualism and lots of books for children but there were no books at all that covered this subject. I contact my guides and channelled their words and this book is the result.”

Marilyn asked her good friend and spiritual illustrator Evon to create appropriate images and Circle of Life is the result.

And already she has had numerous orders for the book. Hot off the presses from the first print run, the book will be going out to several dozen people and Marilyn hopes that it will be available on Amazon soon.

The book, complete with 14 stunning illustrations, retails at �5.99. For details of how to buy a copy call Marilyn on 07875 565 762.