East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust: Ambulance service bosses say “please be a good neighbour”

COLD weather can be a problem for anyone, but older people, children, people with a disability and those with respiratory illness can be particularly at risk.

The East of England Ambulance Service is asking the public to help by checking on vulnerable relatives, friends and neighbours during the current cold spell .

Paul Leaman from the service said: “You can be a good neighbour by keeping in touch with elderly relatives and neighbours to make sure that they are warm and have enough food and prescription medicines.

“Some people can be very susceptible to hypothermia and pneumonia when temperatures fall and something as simple as making sure they are warm and have access to hot food can make a lot of difference.”

Mr Leaman added: “People with respiratory illnesses such as asthma or COPD should keep their homes warm. If you are worried about how much it will cost to heat your home in the winter, contact your energy provider as you may be eligible for a discount. and pneumonia.

“If you go outside in cold weather, wrap up to keep warm outside and wear a scarf over your mouth and throat to help stop cold air getting into your airways. Don’t take any risks of developing pneumonia.

“If you experience symptoms like worsening breathing, increased wheeze, cough, increased phlegm or change in colour of phlegm, or fever, please seek medical advice so you can be treated before complications occur. Contact your local GP or NHS Direct on 0845 4647.”