East Of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust: Snow update and important information on foundation trust event

ESSEX is once again being severely affected by the weather as snow and ice conditions continue.

The East of England Ambulance Service is reiterating that members of public should only go out if necessary, and should use common sense in using the emergency and other NHS services. Only call 999 if it is a genuine emergency.

The worst affected areas appear to be north and south of the county, where conditions began to deteriorate in the early hours of this morning. The Colchester area has experienced severe problems on the roads as motorists attempt to get in and out of town; the A12 in particular has experienced gridlock for some time.

Support is being given as usual from voluntary organisations including St John Ambulance and the Rover Club.

Operations associate director with the service Paul Leaman said: “This week’s weather has challenged the service but we work hard to ensure our resilience and quality of response remains high; we also continue to review the county’s weather conditions so the best possible service can be given to our patients.

“We need to stress that members of the public can help us by seeking medical advice and treatment in the most appropriate way. This ensures we can keep the momentum up for our life-threatening and serious calls, and that all patients get the right response and treatment for them.”

Remember, always call 999 if someone is seriously ill or injured and their life is at risk, for example:

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* chest pain

* difficulty in breathing

* unconsciousness

* severe loss of blood

* severe burns or scalds

* choking

* fitting or concussion

* drowning

* severe allergic reaction

* If you suspect a stroke (Do the FAST test - Facial weakness - can the person smile? Has their mouth or eye drooped? Arm weakness - can the person raise both arms? Speech problems - can the person speak clearly and understand what you say? Time to call 999.)


The foundation trust has decided to cancel its public consultation event scheduled for 2-4pm at Shire Hall, Chelmsford tomorrow (Friday). This is in view of the on-going conditions; it has been rescheduled for Saturday January 8 10am-12noon, Records Office, Wharf Road, Chelmsford CM2 6YT.


As of 3pm, there have been a handful of incidents; of these, only one has required a hospital journey.

- A120 Clacton-bound near Ardleigh, 4.11am. Two crews sent to the scene of a rollover. One male patient with arm injury, taken to Colchester Hospital.

- Thaxted Road, Wimbish, 8.10am. One ambulance sent but non-convey.

- M11 Loughton reports of an RTC at about 8.11am, ambulance dispatched but stood down en route as patient declined our attendance. Further up at the M25 junction (northbound slip going onto M11 at about 9.07am, a van overturned. No-one needed hospital treatment, but they were taken to the junction 7 services to await recovery.

- 11.18am, Baldwins Hill, Loughton - 14-year-old girl in RTC involving two cars. Ambulance crew and rapid response vehicle sent, patient complained of minor leg pain but not taken to hospital.

- Southend Road, Billericay - one reported RTC at 2.56pm. Ambulance sent but no-one conveyed.


There have been a handful of falls which appear to be related to snow and ice. None seem significant, but of course slips and falls can be serious.

Mr Leaman added: “The safest approach is to avoid going out unless at all necessary. If you do, take extra caution by wearing the correct footwear, warm clothing, and avoid being out on your own especially if you have mobility problems.”