easyJet to bring in allocated seating on all flights

AS part of its aim of making travel easy and affordable, easyJet is to roll out allocated seating across its network from November.

The airline has been trialling allocated seating since April and over this period more than 800,000 passengers have flown on 6,000 trial flights.

Research among these passengers shows that more than 70 per cent think allocated seating is better than easyJet’s current system, due to the improved boarding experience, while over 60pc said that they are more likely to use easyJet in the future as a result.

easyJet trialled allocated seating because passenger research showed that the current boarding process can be a source of stress for some passengers and in some cases puts people off flying with easyJet altogether. The key tests of the trial were to improve passenger satisfaction.

Carolyn McCall, chief executive of easyJet, said: “Allocated seating gives all our passengers a better boarding experience and offers the choice of selecting a seat to those who want to. On trial flights the majority of passengers were simply allocated seats when they checked in. Some passengers chose particular seats with bestselling seats usually those near the front, for those who wish to get off the aircraft quickly at their destinations, and exit row seats with their extra legroom.

“We are confident this move will make our current passengers happier when flying with easyJet and will attract new passengers to fly with us in future.”

On allocated seating flights passengers who do not wish to pay to select their seat will be allocated a seat free of charge. Passengers travelling on the same booking will be seated together wherever possible by easyJet’s reservation system which uses the most advanced seating algorithm in world aviation.

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Allocated seating will continue on trial flights and the key date in the roll out on services to and from Stansted Airport is November 13.

All passengers will be allocated a seat for free on easyJet’s flights but will be have the choice of selecting their seat for a fee when they book flights or add them later to guarantee where they’ll be sitting.

There are three bands of pricing, dependent on the seat selected:

• �12 for extra leg room (front row and exit rows)

• �8 for up front seats (row 2-5 on A319 or 2-6 on A320)

• �3 for any other seat

easyJet trialled allocated seating during the summer season, the airline’s busiest time. The airline will roll it out during the winter season when fewer people travel to ensure a smooth transition from one system to another.

For more information, visit http://easyjet.u5e.com/allocated-seating/en.html