Saffron Walden book giveaway on The Lorax's 50th birthday

Three people - Trilby Roberts, Chris Jarmain and Edward Gildea - outside a Saffron Walden primary school with The Lorax book

St Mary's Primary School headteacher Chris Jarmain with Saffron Walden town councillor Trilby Roberts (left) and environmentalist Edward Gildea (right) - Credit: Supplied

Environmentalists in Saffron Walden say there's a book which "everyone, EVERYONE, EVERYONE needs".

To highlight the climate crisis and its impacts, Edward Gildea and Saffron Walden town councillor Trilby Roberts have donated copies of The Lorax to four primary schools, three nursery schools and Saffron Walden Library.

The Dr Seuss book, first published in 1971, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Edward said: "The Lorax is a 'must read' with all the fun, bouncing rhythm and imagination of Dr Seuss’s books, and a timely message for us all."

The book depicts a world where the Once-ler family destroys every last Truffula Tree, leaving behind a gloomy world.

Edward added: "Trilby and I know the power of ‘story’, and how parents can benefit from a good story just as much as their children!

"In the run up to the UN's Climate Change Conference in November, the story's 50th anniversary is well timed!"