School column: Year 11's sixth form insight week and contest success

Students at Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport, Essex in a classroom sitting at desks

Students at Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport - Credit: Joyce Frankland Academy

Student Matilda Camp at Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport, writes about their sixth form insight week of special activities and a contest open to all schools where the school's team did very well.

There have been some exciting times recently at Joyce Frankland Academy, especially within our developing sixth form.

The Year 11’s who recently left the school were provided the opportunity to return to the academy for a week as part of our sixth form, and take part in several workshops that will give them an insight into what is to come for them next year, when they begin their exciting transition into A Levels.

The week's activities consisted of a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) morning, a drama day, some outdoor games and finally an art workshop.

The drama day was on Tuesday, and the small group of students certainly had an interesting time, and stated that “it was a really fun day.”

On the Friday we spoke with the students who took part in the Art workshop.

During this some Year 12 students had helped out and they had created some really impressive ‘dry point’ prints, which is a method of printing where you etch on to a plate with a pointed tool, creating a burr that holds ink which can then be printed on to a sheet of paper.

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The Year 11’s that participated said they found it really enjoyable and helpful in their choices for next year.

Economics competition

Another exciting event to happen at the school within our sixth form was an Economics competition set up by the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales), a professional membership organization that promotes, develops and supports chartered accountants and students across the world.

A small team of four of our Year 12’s took part in this.

There were three challenging stages and they were asked scenario based, real-world questions, based on characteristics for the workplace.

Two large, prestigious, multinational corporations - PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) and ICAEW - were involved.

The scenarios and questions asked were based around these companies, which really gave the students a feel for the economics industry.

It attracted 550 schools including Churchill's alumni Harrow, and over 5,000 students were involved.

JFAN performed extremely well, coming within the top 24 schools, and only gave one incorrect answer throughout!

The satisfied students involved said: “It was a great learning experience, and broadened our opportunities. We also learnt about challenges that many people face in the workplace.”

After a very different and challenging academic year for all, it is certainly very exciting to see the school bustling with activity, and there is even more to come as JFAN goes from strength to strength.