ELECTION SPECIAL: Long standing Lib Dems lose seats on town council

CONSERVATIVES have recorded a clean sweep of Saffron Walden Town Council in today’s election.

While it was an overwhelming success for the Tories, long standing Liberal Democrat councillors Michael Hibbs and Richard Freeman lost their seats.

Two-time former mayor (93/94 and 08/09) Mr Hibbs had been on the council since 1987. Mr Freeman had been on the council since 1999. He was mayor in 05/06.

David Watson, Douglas Perry and Cliff Treadwell retained their seats in the Audley ward and will be joined by David Britton and John Shatford.

In Castle ward, Beryl Wardley replaced Mr Freeman, and will join Heather Asker, David Sadler, Richard Harrington and Sarfraz Anjum.

In Shire ward Ahmed Milon, Benjamin Balliger and Nicholas Osbourne have been elected on to the council, and join husband and wife team Keith and Sandra Eden, and Conservative stalwart Jim Ketteridge.

In total 11,728 residents cast their votes for the parish council elections.