Essex: A dry night for News Years Eve, say weather forecasters

Revellers out and about on New Years Eve should be in for a dry night forecasters have said.

The experts at Weatherquest say it is likely to be dry but a bit windy across north Essex into the evening with “a small chance” of a blustery shower passing through.

According to Chris Bell, a lead forecaster at Weatherquest, the general pattern for weather this week is breezy and unsettled with rain at times.

Today’s winds, that reached speeds of 44mph in Suffolk and saw the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge at Dartford closed for a short time as a precaution, have now died down. But they are expected to pick up after midnight and into tomorrow morning with rain forecast for later into the day.

As for News Years Day, it is expected to start off dry and then become wet and windy into the afternoon.

“The best of the weather will be before midday,” said Mr Bell, who forecast winds could reach up to 45mph later on into January 1 2014.