Essex Air Ambulance makes landing at primary school

DRESSED in yellow, children at Ford End Primary School were visited by the Essex Air Ambulance helicopter

The chopper circled the playground before landing on the school field. Each class was then given the opportunity to get a closer look and meet the crew, which included a doctor, a paramedic as well as the pilot. Pilot Pete, the air ambulance’s mascot also met the children.

The children were given a talk by the on board paramedic who explained more about the helicopter and what sort of situations they are called out to. The whole school, children and staff, wore yellow to show support for the service.

Headteacher Hazel Arnill said: “The children and staff were very excited by the whole experience of watching the helicopter land, finding out about what it does and meeting the crew, who do such valuable work for the community.”

The children won the helicopter visit by entering the Go Yellow fundraising event for the Essex Air Ambulance Service.

Nina Benscher, the fundraising manager from service, said: “When the helicopter lands at a school it is always an exciting, as well as educational, experience for the children but like most things it does not come without its risks. The behaviour of the children at Ford End School was exceptional.

“The pupils and staff should all be very proud, not only of the fantastic fundraising they have done, but also of the commendable behaviour shown by all.”

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