Essex and Herts Air Ambulance release film detailing saving life of day-old baby from near Saffron Walden

Rob and Claire Smith (right) with Milli and the ambulance crew

Rob and Claire Smith (right) with Milli and the ambulance crew - Credit: Archant

The Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Service has launched a video to highlight the life saving work they do across two counties.

Claire with Milli

Claire with Milli - Credit: Archant

The five-minute film tells the story of Robert and Claire Smith, from Elmdon, near Saffron Walden, and their newborn daughter, Millicent, who was rushed to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge in October 2014.

At just 20 hours old, Millicent stopped breathing due to exceptionally low glucose levels and with dad Robert at a meeting, mum Claire, along with visiting midwife Sue, had to act quickly.

Claire said: “You just go into absolute panic, everything just slows down. In that one second you go from being one of the happiest people in the world to suddenly not knowing what to do.

“Sue called for an ambulance and used her resuscitation kit to keep Milli breathing until help arrived.

Milli with dad Rob

Milli with dad Rob - Credit: Archant

“I just remember screaming towards the phone while the call was being made to the emergency services, ‘please can you come’, ‘please hurry up’. I was just praying that somebody would come and help us.

“And then suddenly, literally the air ambulance landed in the front garden and there were people everywhere. The crew came running up the stairs and took over from the midwife who had done an amazing job.”

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After the air ambulance crew treated and stablised Millicent, she was taken by land ambulance to Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

In intensive care, Milli continued to suffer further intermittent episodes and an MRI scan revealed she had hypopituitarism, which is reduced hormone release.

Milli with mum Claire

Milli with mum Claire - Credit: Archant

Since her ordeal, Milli has been prescribed with medication to enable her to produce the hormones required, and despite having to take the drugs for the rest of her life, Milli will be able to enjoy a healthy existence.

Robert said: “Everybody concerned has been so kind, so professional and so brilliant in all ways, you just really can’t thank them enough. When the chips are down the air ambulance and the NHS are second to none.

“Everyone should be aware the Air Ambulance is a charity. Without public support they wouldn’t be here and I hope most people will never need to use them but if they ever do they will be so grateful.”

Claire said: “I cannot explain how vital the air ambulance service is. Without them I don’t even want to think about what would have happened to us as a family.”

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance can visit