Essex: Author hits the big time after debut novel is selected for the new Richard & Judy Book Club

AN author with her roots firmly set in Little Chesterford is on her way to international stardom after her debut novel hit the top 10 UK paperback charts.

Just a few weeks after being published, Rosamund Lupton’s Sister is outselling many of the world’s best selling authors. The book has been catapulted to number six in the paperback charts and number eight in the Times bestsellers list after it was selected for the new Richard & Judy Book Club.

Mrs Lupton was interviewed by the celebrity couple, who described the book as “incredibly accomplished and a real page turner”. Sister is one of eight titles picked by them when the book club was launched nationwide earlier this month.

The instant success has come as something of a shock – although a welcome one – to Mrs Lupton.

She said: “A few weeks ago, my agent phoned and said ‘Are you sitting down?’ She then told me that my book had been selected for Richard & Judy’s book club.

“Even in my most optimistic day-dreaming, I’d never even dreamt of this. I felt – and still feel – immensely flattered, proud and grateful.”

Sister is the story of a young woman trying to find out what has happened to her beloved younger sister, who disappears suddenly in London. As the horrific truth begins to emerge, so does a dark and gripping thriller.

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In its first week the book sold 23,655 copies – at the time of going to press that figure had reached almost 40,000 - outselling other books by international-renowned authors such as Dan Brown.

It has also been selected as the BBC Radio 4 Book at Bedtime from Monday (September 20) through to Friday October 1.

Mrs Lupton - who moved with her family to Little Chesterford as a teenager and still pays regular visits to the village - flirted with the idea on and off for several years; the relationship between the sisters in the book is very much based on that between her and her own sister, Tora.

Her follow up book, a detective thriller called Afterwards, is due for release next spring. For more information visit

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