Essex: Bungling council set to move disabled parking bay for THIRD time in nine months

A DISABLED parking bay which was originally painted around a lamppost is set to be re-positioned again following a complaint.

The bay was installed on the pavement in Little Walden Road, Saffron Walden, in February after social services requested it for a resident.

However, a blunder by the contractor saw it painted around a lamppost – news which hit the national headlines – rendering it useless. It was subsequently moved just feet away to one side of the post.

Now Essex Highways is set to move the lamppost closer towards the verge and re-position the bay in its former location after it emerged that it blocked access steps to a neighbouring home.

It has had left residents in the street in total disbelief.

Sandy Sills told the Reporter: “I think that it is a waste of taxpayers’ money and what is so frustrating is that we have not been told about any of this. I understand that the decision has already been made and it seems that we powerless to stop it.

“This has all been very stressful.”

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A spokesman for Essex County Council confirmed that the work will be paid for by the taxpayer but was unable to reveal how much it will cost. She also confirmed that the council is reassessing the location of the bay following a resident’s complaint.

“As Essex County Council already had plans to introduce a new zebra crossing in the same street, which requires officers to address the number and spacing of lampposts, it has allowed officers the opportunity to readdress the solution for the disabled bay at the same time,” she explained.

However, Mrs Sills, who is disabled, said: “The solution is simple: instead of moving the lamppost at considerable cost the council should just re-paint the bay, making it about a foot or so smaller.

“That would mean that it is not encroaching on anyone and would still be big enough to fit a car.

“For the sake of 12 inches, a bit of paint and an hour of somebody’s time, it could save a lot of money.”

Another resident, who uses the bay but did want to be named, approved the works but said a line must now be drawn under the fiasco: “It seems that this is going ahead and we are satisfied with the solution that the council is proposing because it will hopefully make parking a bit better.

“But it has been a stressful few months and we just want a guarantee now that there is a line drawn under the matter – the bay needs to stay that way and it needs to be respected.”

Work on the zebra crossing, lamppost and disabled bay is due to start on October 11.