Essex County Council cabinet appointments due to be confirmed

ESSEX County Council will formerly ratify which elected members will become the new cabinet at the meeting of the Full Council on Tuesday (May 214).

Stansted member Ray Gooding, who previously held a post for Families and Children, is set to be part of the cabinet as member for Transformation and Support Services.

Thaxted’s Simon Walsh will be chairman of the Places Services and Economic Growth committee.

The new leader of the council and nine cabinet appointments, subject to Full Council approval, are due to be confirmed as the following:

Leader – Cllr David Finch

Deputy – Cllr John Spence (shared with Cllr Derrick Louis)

• Deputy leader and cabinet member for Economic Growth and Infrastructure – Cllr Kevin Bentley

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Deputy – Cllr Sue Lissimore

• Cabinet member for Transformation and Support Services – Cllr Derrick Louis

Deputy – Cllr John Spence (shared with Leader, Cllr David Finch)

• Cabinet Member for Education and Lifelong Learning – Cllr Ray Gooding

Deputy – Cllr Valerie Metcalfe

• Cabinet Member for Families and Children – Cllr Dick Madden

Deputy – Cllr Penny Channer

• Cabinet Member Adult Social Care and Health Integration – Cllr John Aldridge

Deputy – Cllr Anne Brown (shared with Cllr Naylor)

• Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing – Cllr Ann Naylor

Deputy – Cllr Anne Brown (shared with Cllr Aldridge)

• Cabinet Member for Libraries, Communities and Planning – Cllr John Jowers

Deputy – Cllr Mick Page

• Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation – Cllr Rodney Bass

Deputy – Cllr Eddie Johnson

• Cabinet Member for Waste and Recycling – Cllr Roger Walters

Deputy – Cllr Ray Howard

In addition, the nine county council committees and their chairman are due to be confirmed as the following:

Corporate – Leader of the Opposition

People and Families – Cllr Graham Butland

Places Services and Economic Growth – Cllr Simon Walsh

Health and Overview Scrutiny Committee – Cllr Jill Reeve

Audit Committee – Cllr Susan Barker

Standards Committee – Cllr Joe Pike

Development and Regulation – Cllr Bob Boyce

Chair of Scrutiny Board – Cllr Simon Walsh

Pensions Board – Cllr Rodney Bass

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