Essex fire service and Mid-Essex PCT working together to protect vulnerable people

A NEW partnership agreement will see elderly and vulnerable people better protected from the risk posed by fire.

The agreement sees Essex County Fire and Rescue Service and Mid-Essex Primary Care Trust teaming up to provide special smoke alarms to vulnerable people who are part of the Careline scheme.

The alarms will not only sound in the home of the person affected but will also go off in the Central Essex Community Service Careline centre.

Station officer Carl Pullen said: “This partnership means that from now on when our home fire safety technicians fit smoke alarms in homes belonging to people who take part in the Careline scheme they will be a special alarm which connects to the Careline system.

“This will provide them with extra re-assurance, when they hear the alarm they will then get a call from the Careline centre to make sure they are all right. If there is any problem they will contact us immediately.

“This will help cut down on false alarms in these homes as well as providing another set of ears to listen out for a smoke alarm and make they get the help they need.”