Essex: Housing plan gets go ahead

PERMISSION has been granted for 14 homes to be built in Littlebury, despite concerns raised by councillors and residents.

An existing warehouse and offices at The Sidings, Peggy’s Walk, will be demolished and replaced with two, three and four-bedroom homes. Developer Weston Homes will also refurbish the two homes to the birth of the site to bring the total rebuilding number to 16 homes.

Planning authority Uttlesford District Council had initially raised concerns about the level of affordable housing, as no provision had been made by the developer.

Under current legislation any development of 15 homes or more must incorporate 40 per cent for affordable housing – however, the district council conceded Weston is under no obligation to provide it as only 14 new builds were in the plans.

Cllr Jan Mennell said: “I am disappointed with our officers for bringing this back to the committee when I feel that our original concerns have not been addressed. The development should have affordable housing because, although they only want to build 14 homes, the extra two for renovation brings it to 16 homes.”

Cllr Catherine Dean said she “reluctantly favoured the application”.

“However, I think the next committee needs to review our policies on the number of houses on a plot before affordable housing is necessary,” she added.

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Parish councillor Sam Sproul attended last week’s development control meeting to voice the objections made by village residents.

He highlighted the “serious issues” surrounding the local highways.

“It is dangerous for children to be walking along the back path of the site as there is no footpath. I feel the Highways Agency should have made a comment about this,” he told the council.

“The traffic on Peggy’s Walk is already very bad so to add another 28 cars at least would make it even worse. There is also no turning point down that road so cars have to reverse out of the road.”

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