Essex is recycling more waste than is being sent to landfill for first time in history

FOR the first time in history, Essex is recycling and composting more waste than is being sent to landfill sites.

Recycling rates in the county have reached an all time high with residents properly disposing of 50.05 per cent of their waste. The achievement comes after a pledge by Essex County Council (ECC) in 2009 to surpass the half way point by March 2012.

The county council has worked with partner authorities on the Essex Waste Member Partnership Board to support the introduction of new recycling services resulting in this target being exceeded a year early but the work will continue.

Cabinet member with responsibility for waste and recycling Kevin Bentley said: “To achieve a countywide recycling rate of over 50 per cent is a fantastic achievement and is testament to the recycling efforts of Essex residents.

“The work however does not end here’ Last year we paid over �16 million in landfill tax for our non-recycled waste; money that could be much better spent on front-line services.

“We will therefore continue to do everything we can to improve our recycling services, reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill and protect our environment for future generations.”