Essex on-street parking under review

A NEW ‘parking partnership’ could see a major clamp down on drivers that park their vehicles on Uttlesford’s streets instead of in car parks.

Essex County Council has indicated that a review is currently taking place and that it will be looking into ways to “localise services and drive efficiency.”

Up until recently it was Uttlesford District Council’s responsibility to monitor on-street parking on behalf of ECC within a partnership run by Colchester Borough Council.

This partnership has been met with criticism from major players in Great Dunmow who say that the service has “become disconnected” and that drivers can now “getaway with parking anywhere”.

Members of the town’s traffic management group voiced their concerns last week and took up the argument with ECC highways officer Chris Stoneham.

They said that it was very difficult to report problems let alone get some sort of direct response, although group chairman Wendy Barron did say that some of the blame has to be on the drivers that park illegally.

“Drivers need to take responsibility. If double yellow lines are in place, they are there for a reason. It is a difficult job to enforce restrictions but if drivers were more considerate things would be easier.”

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She added that Dunmow’s High Street was becoming a bigger problem as people park up in front of shops to dash in and then leave with the items they came for.

An ECC spokesman confirmed the reviews was underway and the the council would report back with is findings.

He said: “Essex County Council, along with district and borough councils, is currently conducting a Parking Enforcement Review, with a view to creating a new ‘parking partnership’ approach that will provide a localised service and drive efficiencies as required.

“The current arrangement for civil parking enforcement is due to end on March 31 2011. We are currently in discussions with districts and boroughs, and expect an agreement to be reached by the end of the September for the delivery of partnership parking enforcement.”

One possible option is that Essex becomes divided into four ‘parking districts’ with separate jurisdiction allowing more patrols and greater control over problem areas.

A timeframe for implementing a new service has not been put in place but one council insider said it could be a “couple of years down the line.”

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