Essex Police and Neighbourhood Watch join forces to combat shed burglary rise

A RECENT increase in shed burglaries across the district has seen Essex Police and Uttlesford Neighbourhood Watch join forces to raise awareness of the problem.

There have been over 20 shed and garage burglaries reported across Uttlesford over the past two weeks.

Chairman of the Uttlesford Neighbourhood Watch Steering Group, Alan Johnson, believes the group is well-placed to assist the police and public to reduce the crime.

“This is a problem that not only needs extra vigilance by watch members, but also needs home-owners to take positive action to make their sheds and garages more secure,” said Mr Johnson.

“One of the most effective measures is to install a simple, but loud, shed alarm and I’m pleased to say that we have now added one to the home security product range on our website.”

Crime reduction advisor for Uttlesford, Peter Caulfield, agreed that alarms are a good investment: “Bearing in mind that most of these burglaries occur at night, there is no doubt that an alarm should scare off potential burglars”.

The Neighbourhood Watch alarms can be programmed to activate on movement or by using a door contact, and with a volume of at least 130-decibels, a thief would find it virtually impossible to stay in a protected shed for more than a few seconds.

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Mr Caulfield added: “I am really grateful to Neighbourhood Watch for making the shed alarms so readily available. Hopefully they will have a real impact on this type of crime.”

Many of the sheds and garages broken into had little or no security on them so Mr Caulfield has developed a ten 10 tips factsheet to help residents make them more secure. The list is issued by e-mail and if you would like a copy, send your request to

If you would like one of the alarms, which are also suitable for boats and caravans, visit the Neighbourhood Watch ‘Security Shop’ at