Essex police give woman, 42, an ASBO

A 42-YEAR-OLD woman has been given an ASBO preventing her from being drunk, entering a village centre and calling 999.

Ruby Short, from Magdalen Street, Thaxted, has a history of anti-social behaviour when under the influence of alcohol since 2004.

Her neighbours suffer anti-social behaviour from both Mrs Short and her visitors, as do shops and drinking establishments in Thaxted town centre.

She was granted an ASBO at Harlow Magistrates on Wednesday (August 25) which will remain in place until further notice.

The order forbids her from:

Being drunk in a place to which the public have access (to include a public house).

Having an open vessel of alcohol in a public place.

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Entering the roads around Thaxted Town Centre.

Acting, or incite others to act, in an anti-social manner that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household, within the towns of Thaxted and Dunmow.

Contacting the emergency services via 999 telephone line unless reporting a genuine emergency.