Essex Police highlight laser pen dangers

LASERS being shone into the cockpit of aircraft have become so widespread that Essex Police have released a video warning that people will be arrested for it.

In the two-minute footage pilot Sgt Russ Woolford says that the problem has increased significantly in the last two years and warns that people “will be caught.”

Although no area in the county has been pinpointed for the problem, it is said that cheap laser pens have been shone into passenger aircraft and police helicopters, endangering both types of aircraft.

If caught, perpetrators can be put in prison.

Sgt Woodfood said: “When a very bright light is introduced into the cockpit it can really dazzle the pilot and crew and have dangerous consequences.

“The pilot’s attention is immediately taken away from what they are supposed to be doing.

“If you consider many aircraft hit by lasers are passenger aircraft taking people off on holiday, this can have very serious consequences for lots of people.

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“The message I want to send out it is this is a criminal offence, you will be caught and the consequences are very serious.”

To view the video visit the Essex Police website at