Essex Police launch autumn campaign to combat burglary

Essex Police are launching Operation Insight to combat burglary in the county

Essex Police are launching Operation Insight to combat burglary in the county - Credit: Archant

Essex Police are asking home-owners to clamp down on crime – as they launch an autumn burglary campaign to tackle break-ins in the county.

Operation Insight kicks off today, using predictive policing to help direct resources to where they are most needed, while intelligence analysis should allow the force to know where future burglaries are most likely to happen.

The rationale behind the approach is that criminals often operate in a place they know well, and where they have successfully committed crimes before.

Police officers will all have access to a mapping system, which shows the priority zones and where resources are located, and most needed.

The Essex force is now visiting a number of houses either side of recently burgled properties, after the operation identified a rise in crimes next to previously targeted homes.

Chief Superintendent Carl O’Malley said: “I am sure that part of the success of Insight is down to this ‘cocooning’ process we carry out to alert neighbours to the risk of being burgled, so they can take their own steps to effectively secure their homes.

“As we head into the autumn I would advise all householders across Essex to take stock of how well their homes are protected against burglars.”

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Chief Supt O’Malley recommends simple measures, such as setting timers so that lights come on – so burglars can’t identify empty homes.

Laying gravel in drives and setting alarms are also measures Essex Police recommend under their ‘Secure, Protect and Prevent’ motto.

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