Essex Police launch interactive map of speeding motorists

AN interactive map showing residents how many drivers have been caught speeding where they live is now live on the Essex Police website.

The map shows the results of speed checks conducted by road policing officers and how speeding drivers have been dealt with.

Visitors to will be able to use the map, which is updated regularly, to track how many speeding motorists have been given a verbal warning, asked to complete a speed awareness course, issued a fixed penalty notice or reported to court.

Essex Police takes speeding very seriously 365 days a year and is continually stepping up efforts to catch irresponsible drivers who choose to ignore speed limits.

One of the ways in which officers do this is by using hand held laser devices to detect speeding vehicles.

Casualty reduction manager Adam Pipe said: “Residents continue to tell us that speeding is a concern in their communities yet we still see a number of people driving at excess speed and putting themselves and others in danger.

“Carrying out these checks gives us the opportunity not just to deal with those who drive at excessive speed with fixed penalty notices and, in more serious cases, court proceedings but also to stop, engage and offer advice to drivers at the roadside.

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“The checks help support the community speed watch groups throughout Essex as they continue to carry out regular checks in their communities.”

Excessive and inappropriate speed is the cause of many road traffic collisions throughout the county every year and, as a result, has been identified as a priority by many communities at neighbourhood meetings.

The locations of speed checks aim to reflect these concerns and target ‘speeding hotspots’ throughout the county.

Mr Pipe added: “Speed limits are there as maximum speeds. You should drive according to conditions of the road and the weather.

“This is about taking responsibility, respecting the road and understanding the effect speeding has on communities up and down the county.

“Essex Police is committed to making the roads of Essex a safer place for all who use them.”

Web films showing a road policing officer and community speed watch group carrying out speed checks can be seen on the Essex Police You Tube