Essex Police on Facebook

A FACEBOOK page has been launched by Essex Police to keep residents up to date with what is happening in the county.

It is one of many social media sites the force uses to engage with the public, including Twitter and You Tube.

The You Tube channel has more than 120 short videos about various operations, units and initiatives – which have been watched more than 870,000 times – while the force’s Twitter account has 14,000-plus followers.

Essex Police also posts audio clips to Audioboo, a website that allows the force to share audio recordings with the public.

Internet manager, David White, said: “Social media is a value for money way of engaging a wider audience and talking about issues with the people of Essex.

“Combined with the website, it provides another platform from which Essex Police can communicate with residents of the county and beyond.”

For more information about Essex Police’s social media channels, visit