Essex Police report reveals Essex is one of England and Wales’ safest counties

ESSEX continues to be one of the safest counties across England and Wales with a further fall in crime over the past year.

In the latest report released by Essex Police covering the 12 months up to March 2011, figures show there has been a one per cent reduction across the county- this means over 1,350 fewer victims of crime.

Across all 11 crime categories the report shows Essex are equal or below the average for England and Wales.

Derek Benson, Deputy Chief Constable of Essex, expressed his pleasure at a four per cent fall in house burglaries as well as shed and commercial burglary.

“These figures represent a significant success resulting from a focused and sustained operation against burglars in Essex over the year,” he said.

Similarly, vehicle crime has fallen by one per cent and criminal damage is down 10 per cent, which equates to 2140 fewer offences.

“In addition to our crime reduction successes we are performing better than the England and Wales average for the detection of crime,” said Mr Benson.

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“Alongside our continuing commitment to put criminals before the courts and applying other sanctions such as cautions, penalty notices and warnings, we will use Neighbourhood Resolutions in appropriate cases.”

Neighbourhood resolutions have seen Essex Police use a community-based solution to resolving minor crimes and anti-social behaviour (ASB). Officers and victims decide on an appropriate course of action that allows the offender to make good the impact of their crime. The result is swift justice on the victim’s terms for minor crimes or ASB.”

Mr Benson said: “This latest report covers a period where the austerity measures have started to impact on our resources and it is therefore good to see that we are continuing to reduce crime. It underlines our commitment to ensuring that Essex Police continues to deliver effective front line services so that our communities are protected from harm.”