Essex Police reveals tips to stop your home being a target for burglars

How to make you home less of a target to thieves.

How to make you home less of a target to thieves. - Credit: Archant

Officers will put advice through letterboxes of homes that could be a target for burglars.

Neighbourhood officers are carrying out patrols around the county and if officers believe a property is at risk of being burgled, they will put a Here’s a Bright Idea card through the door.

The cards will have advice to help prevent homes from being burgled, including leave a light on, draw your curtains and blinds, keep valuables out of sight, lock doors and windows and double lock uPVC doors.

Residents are also urged to register valuables are, which can help burglary victims recover stolen items, as well as buy a segment timer to give the illusion someone is at home.

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