Essex police to appear on ITV’s Police Camera Action

THE work of Essex police’s traffic officers has been filmed for an ITV documentary.

Officers working to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on the county’s roads will feature in a three episodes of a revamped series of Police Camera Action.

Beginning on July 29 they will highlight safety issues around speeding, distracted driving, young drivers and sleep deprived lorry drivers alongside presenter Gethin Jones.

During the series officers can be seen taking defective and un-roadworthy lorries off the road, dealing with speeding drivers and catching a drink driver in the act.

Essex Police casualty reduction manager Adam Pipe said: “We were really pleased to welcome Police Camera Action to Essex Police because we took it as an opportunity to promote the good work we’ve been undertaking on the roads of Essex.

“The number of people killed or seriously injured on the county’s roads has reduced from 1280 in 2004 to 815 in 2009. I believe we’ve got a success story to promote how we are making the roads safer.

“We want people to know that if they come into Essex and commit a traffic offence, whether it be not wearing a seatbelt or using a mobile phone behind the wheel, they will be caught and dealt with appropriately.”

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Presenter Gethin Jones said: “I think the police get a really hard time.

“They’re not out to catch people. They do stand on a motorway with a speed gun but that’s because people are doing 140mph and they need to slow down.

“They are the people who are going to cause an accident and seriously injure or kill someone.

“Hopefully the programme will make people think.”

Police Camera Action airs on ITV1 on Thursday, July 29 at 9pm.