Essex primary school give five-star harvest lunch

GREAT Sampford Primary School children got into the harvest festival mood by providing lunch to elderly folk from the village.

Five members of the community took up the offer and enjoyed tucking into roast chicken and the trimmings, followed by rhubarb crumble or fudge tart, served up by pupils Alex Jolly and William Coxal

Mr and Mrs Dewberry enjoyed the meal. They said: “It was absolutely lovely; the service from the children was absolutely brilliant.”

Heateacher Ian Pollard said: “We like to give elderly members of the community harvest, Christmas and Easter lunch.

“It gives them a change of scenery and gives the children a chance to mix with the older generation.”

The school also run an Easter festival every year when the children pack boxes full of food for the elderly members of the community before the older children deliver them.

“Through the years five and six children delivering the boxes to the homes of the eldery we are able to keep links with the community which is important for all of usnity,” said Mr Pollard.