Essex remembers the man who saved Christmas

THE man recognised for saving Christmas is being remembered at a service in Quendon Church on Saturday November 27.

William Winstanley was a poet and journalist, uncle to Henry Winstanley, builder of the first Eddystone lighthouse, and lived in Quendon in the 17th Century.

His chief claim to fame is that he saved many of the traditional English Christmas customs following the rule of the Puritans under Oliver Cromwell, during which all Christmas festivities had been banned.

A spokesman for the event said: “If it had not been for William Winstanely, we might not now be enjoying Christmas turkeys, mince pies and all the other things that have become part of our Christmas celebrations.”

To celebrate his achievements, and as part of Quendon’s Winstanley Day, the village church will be decorated in greenery as it might have been in the 17th Century.

There will also be stalls with seasonal fare and home-made produce, together with musical entertainment from 11am to 2pm.