Essex: Save money on heating bills

A NEW project with state of the art technology has been launched in Uttlesford that could help homeowners save money on heating bills in 2010 and beyond. What is it?

A NEW project with state of the art technology has been launched in Uttlesford that could help homeowners save money on heating bills in 2010 and beyond.

Thermal imaging technology to identify households which could save money on their heating bills has been touring the streets of Uttlesford.

During night-time over the winter months, special vehicles equipped with thermal cameras have been driving through Saffron Walden, Great Dunmow and Stansted Mountfitchet to find homes that could benefit from additional insulation.

By observing the amount of heat escaping from properties, and where the heat is escaping from, experts are able to pinpoint areas where new insulation could benefit both the environment and householders' finances.

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The "HeatSeekers" project is the work of the Energy Saving Partnership, working with Uttlesford District Council and the Herts Essex Energy Partnership (HEEP).

After carefully reviewing the images taken, HeatSeeker experts have identified the homes which may be lacking cavity wall or loft insulation.

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Savings of �265 per year

Over the next few weeks its surveyors will be knocking on the doors of these houses, showing residents the thermal image of their property and talking to them about the insulation measures which are available to them.

They will also be revealing just how much money they could save on heating bills by insulating their home - up to �265 each year.

The home visits will be made by professional surveyors and this project is fully council-approved.

The HeatSeeker vehicles only operate at night, during the colder winter months when heating is likely to be switched on people's homes. The technology used is only capable of detecting heat - it cannot see through windows or walls and the image produced displays a palette of colours according to temperature.

Free survey

Energy efficiency surveyor at Uttlesford District Council, Jake Roos, said: "We are delighted to be able to use this new technology to show residents where their heat is escaping and also target our promotional efforts at the households that can benefit from our scheme. I hope residents take full advantage of their HeatSeekers report and our insulation grants to save energy and money."

In order to provide homeowners with a solution for potential insulation needs identified by HeatSeekers, the project has teamed up with Mark Group, the UK's leading domestic insulation and energy efficiency installation company.

If any homeowner would like a free insulation survey on their property please call HeatSeekers on 0800 111 4968 or visit

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