Essex village targeted by burglars

RESIDENTS have been urged to keep a watchful eye on their neighbours’ properties after a village was hit by a spate of burglaries.

Three houses in Great Sampford were targeted overnight between May 9 and 10 while the owners were away.

Thieves broke into the properties by forcing the windows. Although it has not been confirmed exactly what was stolen, police believe items have probably been taken from each house. Jewellery was stolen in at least one break-in.

The incidents have led to Uttlesford’s crime reduction officer Pete Caulfield issuing a reminder to residents to secure their home when going on holiday.

“It is important to make sure doors and windows are secure before you go away. It is always worth adding additional visible window locks.

“Burglars work on a limited time scale – if they cannot gain access to a property within three minutes they will give up and go elsewhere.”

Police have also reiterated the importance of remaining vigilant – especially while neighbours are away – and this was backed by Mr Caulfield.

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“We are coming into the holiday season now. If you know your neighbours are going away I would urge you to pay a little bit of extra attention to the house,” he said.

“If they have got a burglar alarm and it goes off and you can check that everything is ok without putting yourself in danger then great, but if you have any concerns call the police.”