EU referendum: As Brexit looks likely Essex MP Leave campaigners cautiously celebrate

PUBLISHED: 05:07 24 June 2016 | UPDATED: 05:13 24 June 2016

UKIP MP Douglas Carswell hugs his wife Clementine Carswell after his general election win in Clacton.

UKIP MP Douglas Carswell hugs his wife Clementine Carswell after his general election win in Clacton.

Leave campaigners are beginning to celebrate a victory as a Brexit looks all but certain - with Essex districts all backing the out vote.

Will Quince.Will Quince.

The biggest majority came down in Castle Point which voted 73% in favour of Leave, while the closest result was in Uttlesford where the Remain campaign polled 49% of the vote.

In total Remain polled 358,861 votes to Leave’s 587,974, with all districts declared.

Douglas Carswell, the only UKIP MP and representative for Clacton, said: “The Tendring result is magnificent, and where Essex folk lead it looks like the rest of the country will follow.

“The arrogant, smug elite who have run this country and sign us up to these treaties have been brought to a heel. Instead of us answering to them, they need to listen to us.

“How dare they spend our money on their priorities, sign us up to foreign judges, and smear us for wanting to control our borders.

“It’s looking close but doable, but let’s not get carried away.”

He said the atmosphere in the Vote Leave office, where was watching the results come in was very “sombre” and people were “optimistic but not complacent”.

“We are very much focused,” he added.

“I’m celebrating with two sugars in my tea, we are not going wild.

“If the vote is Out then we have a serious job ahead of us.”

Will Quince, Colchester MP and Leave campaigner, said: “It’s looking like a really interesting night.

“The Colchester vote was always going to be more mixed than most others in Essex because of the demographic.

“All of the Leave votes nationally are bricking up though.”

Mr Quince said he had signed a letter supporting David Cameron as prime minister whatever the result.

James Cleverly, MP for Braintree, said: “I have been speaking to people about this issue for a number of years, this is one of those things that came up regularly even before the campaign.

“In both London and Essex there has been a very large number of people who have expressed deep concerns abut our relationship with the EU, and unprompted have said they want to come out.

“So I am less surprised by this result than some people would have been.

“That said I always thought it was going to be close.

“What we are seeing is that politicians have not been very good at listening to them - particularly the Labour party who just assumed their voters would agree with the position from Westminster.

“The Conservative party has represented a range of views, in that respect very much matching the country.

“I am looking forward to David Cameron delivering the decision that the British people have made.”

Mr Cleverly added that he thought the pound would recover as market traders stabilise after the initial result.

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