Family reeling after beloved pet cat is shot with air rifle

A FAMILY has been left “angry and shocked” after thugs shot their beloved pet cat with an air rifle.

One-year-old long-haired moggy Smudge is “lucky to be alive” according to his owners after being shot. Pellets were found in his tail, abdomen and hind leg.

His owner, Laura Scarlett, of Lower Pond Street, Duddenhoe End, said: “It is deeply worrying that something like this can happen in a small hamlet where most people have pets or small children.

“Smudge belongs to my son, Harry, but the family is very shocked and angry by what has happened.”

Smudge went missing on July 14 and was found the following day. He was badly injured and in “a lot of distress”.

X-rays were not taken until July 19 which revealed the bone in his tail was broken. It had to be amputated. Vets also carried out surgery to his abdomen and removed pellets from leg.

Thankfully Smudge is now on the mend, but Mrs Scarlett added: “I wasn’t aware just how important Smudge is to us until this happened. It has deeply shocked our family and we are angry at how it happened.

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“If he was injured in a road accident then you can be a bit more philosophical, but this is hard to digest – how is anyone capable of doing something like this?”

The Reporter understands that Smudge was shot with one pellet, possibly from .22 air rifle, which then fragmented into the rear leg and abdomen.

• Anyone with information about this incident can call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on