Felsted rower smashes Atlantic rowing record

Charlie Pitcher.

Charlie Pitcher. - Credit: Archant

AN Essex adventurer has broken the record for rowing solo across the Atlantic.

Charlie Pitcher, from Felsted, arrived at Port St Charles, Barbados, yesterday (Wednesday March 13) after spending 35 days rowing across the ocean in a 3,000 mile journey.

The intrepid rower set sail from La Gomera, in the Canary Islands, on February 6 knowing he had 40 days to break the previous record.

He blogged on Tuesday: “I have never felt in danger of my life, but have felt that things could go very wrong on a few occasions early on in the rough weather and on day 18 I had never been so sick in my life.”

In an interview with BBC Essex, Mr Picther said: “It was going to be a situation where this boat was going to excel or the complete opposite.

“It’s much smaller than other boats, much lighter, and there are a couple of clever things on it, with the way we set up the rudder especially. It’s very, very quick when the wind is behind.”

Mr Pitcher, 50, completed his voyage in a carbon-hulled, 6.5m (21ft) Soma of Essex.

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A previous attempt to row across the Atlantic took 52, 10 of which were spent going backwards.

Everyday Mr Pitcher had to turn seawater into drinking water alongside consuming about 7,000 calories of food a day.

The adventure has so far raised £100,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital where the money will be used to help children and the C Group for wounded Marines and Commandos.