Fifteen drivers arrested during Christmas drink drive campaign

MORE than 2,000 motorists have been stopped and 15 drivers have been arrested for being over the limit one week into the Christmas drink drive campaign.

Cambridgeshire Police officers have arrested 15 drivers for either excess alcohol or being unfit through drink or drugs.

The campaign, which is running from December 1 until January 1, is warning drivers to think of the consequences of drink driving over the Christmas period.

Traffic officers will be out in force conducting daily patrols across the county to clampdown on anyone caught over the limit.

PC Steve Gedny said: “We’re only a week into this campaign and the arrest figures are disappointing, the message is simple if you drink and drive you will be caught.

“We want this festive season to be a happy time for everyone, don’t put others at risk by getting behind the wheel if you have had a drink, think of the potential consequences to yourself and others.

“The maximum penalty for drink driving is a six month prison sentence, �5,000 fine and a driving ban of up to 12 months. Is it really worth the risk?”