Finchingfield man launches book of chronicles for the picturesque Essex village

A FINCHINGFIELD man’s book accounting the history of the village has gone on sale.

A FINCHINGFIELD man’s book accounting the history of the village has gone on sale.

The Finchingfield Chronicles is a series of articles, both factual and fiction, from pre-Roman times through to the present day and beyond.

It was put together in six months by resident George Rice, who has previously written historical articles for the village magazine.

He said: “The book is not an archaeological history but a mixture of correct dates and events. I’ve embroided much of the history and made some of it into fiction.”

The book includes accurate descriptions of many events, such as the nine times that Finchingfield is mentioned in the Doomsday Book, while also mentions prominent moments in history such as the Black Death, the Tudor times, the village’s numerous windmills in days gone by and the railway that never was.

It also glimpses into the future and what might happen in the village in terms of events such as global warming.

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“The book is a series of articles based on fact. The later days are based more on fact than the earlier days,” said Mr Rice, a retired architect.

“I’ve always been interested in what takes place, particularly in the village that I love, and I enjoyed writing it.”

The Finchingfield Chronicles is available in the post offices in both Finchingfield and Thaxted.

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