Fire started by used barbecue prompts stark warning

CREWS from Saffron Walden fire station were called to a shed fire this morning started by barbecue coals.

A BLAZE that almost completely destroyed a shed and two garages has served as a timely reminder that barbecues are dangerous if not fully extinguished after use.

Saffron Walden firefighters were called upon at 6.45am on Tuesday morning when coals from a barbecue, which had been put in the bin, set light to the shed and garages.

The officer in charge reported that the shed and all of its contents were completely alight.

Crews used two hoses, one main jet, and four sets of breathing apparatus to extinguish the fire by 7.30am – they remained on site for another half an hour.

Saffron Walden station manager Paul Curtis said: “The people whose shed caught light had a barbecue the previous evening and had put their coals in a wheely bin thinking they were cool.

“They had smouldered overnight and eventually set light to the bin, the fire spread to the shed and eventually two adjoining garages.

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“Incidents like this show the danger of carelessly disposing of barbecue coals, it is vital to make sure that coals are completely cool before they go into a bin.”