Floods: Use a little common sense...don’t drive cars into water, says fire service

ESSEX Fire and Rescue Service has urged motorists to NOT drive their cars into water as crews continue to get called out to flooding calls.

The service has today (May 3) been called to around 15 separate incidents involving motorists who needed rescuing after they got themselves into difficulty by driving their cars into water.

“Normal cars are not designed to drive through water,” said a spokesman for the service.

“Just two feet of water is enough to make a car buoyant and at risk of being swept away by flowing water and more than seven or eight inches is enough to cover an exhaust pipe and leave the car stuck in flood water.

“We are urging motorists to exercise a little common sense and not drive their car into water if they are not absolutely certain it is no more than a couple of inches deep.

“It is better to find another route than damage your car and place yourself in danger.”