Former Newport student to use vocal talents to help victims of Grenfell Tower fire

Shakila K is hosting a special gig in aid of the victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster. Picture: KA

Shakila K is hosting a special gig in aid of the victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster. Picture: KARIM ULLAH - Credit: Archant

A former Newport student pursuing a career in music is using her talents to help raise money for the victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Shakila Karim, 19, attended Newport Free Grammar School – now Joyce Frankland Academy – before going on to study music production at London’s Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP).

The teen songstress is now preparing to perform in aid of those involved in the Grenfell Tower fire, which is believed to have taken the lives of at least 80 people.

Shakila is no stranger to doing her bit though, having already released an original track for Help for Heroes.

“The gig – which is close to the institute - should feature some great performances from talented musicians; so it’s well worth coming along,” she said.

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“I’m particularly keen to organise and perform at this gig because – like the residents of Grenfell Tower – I know what it is to be homeless.”

The youngster and her family were made homeless in 2010 when her father fell ill and lost his business.

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She added: “It was the worst time of our lives but we’ve slowly got back on our feet, so I want to raise funds to help inspire those from Grenfell Tower to keep moving forward.

“It’s important for them to know that there are people who continue to care and – especially some months after the tragedy has faded from the media’s sight – haven’t forgotten about them.

“That’s why I’m keen to organise this gig to help raise some money for the victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster.”

The gig will see Shakila perform a variety of songs with other students from ICMP.

Her music is inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury and Madonna.

The gig will be held at The Good Ship in Kilburn, on September 10.

Shakila added: “I really hope lots of people come and enjoy a good show.

“We’ve got some fantastic talent at ICMP and it’s great that so many of them have volunteered to help in this good cause. We’re also very fortunate to have some great support from the College and also from the people at The Good Ship.

“It’s amazing how many people are keen to help and we would love to make this show a super success story.”


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