Gala dinner with Anton Edelmann produces mouth-watering results for guests at Chesterford Research Park

CELEBRITY chef Anton Edelmann served up a mouth-watering menu to showcase the region’s finest local produce at a gala dinner held at Chesterford Research Park.

Over 80 commercial agents, park tenants and guests gathered at the park’s central facilty complex, The Nucleus, for the evening of gourmet food and fine wine.

The event was also held to mark the first official view of the new Science Village Development for the London, regional and local commercial agents, who enjoyed a tour of the village site.

Renowned for having been the Savoy hotel’s maitre chef des cuisines for 21 years, Mr Edelmann – who has produced food for the Queen and President Clinton – presented a unique and exquisite selection of courses, including courgette flower filled with fish mousseline with a saffron reduction and local venison from Radwinter with parsnip puree.

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