GCSE results: Newport Free Grammar announce significantly improved exam results

STUDENTS and staff at Newport Free Grammar School are celebrating at the announcement of significantly improved GCSE examination results today.

• 77 per cent of students achieved the national benchmark figure of five A*-C grades including English and Maths

• 83 per cent of students achieved five A*-C grades, a rise of 7 per cent on both measures from last year

• 98 per cent of students achieved 5A*-G grades

• 93.4 per cent at least one A*-C

• 99 per cent at least 1A*-G

• 24 per cent of the entries achieved A* or A grade

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• 8 per cent of all grades were awarded an A*

The results represented strong performance across the full range of subject areas, as represented by the 35 per cent of students achieving the new English Baccalaureate measure.

Some 70 per cent of students achieved two or more A*-C grades in Science.

Headteacher Sean O’Hagan said: “These results are the best ever results for the school and are the result of huge amounts of work from students and staff alike.

“They maintain our progress of the last two years and show what can be achieved with hard work and determination. All the students and staff should be congratulated on this excellent performance.”

Top performers include:

For the girls:

Katie Rees: 9A* and 2A grades

Evelyn Carter: 7A* and 5A grades

Alix Wood: 7A* and 4A grades

Alexia Michaelides: 7A*, 4A and 1 B grade

Rebecca Hill: 6A* and 6A grades

For the boys:

Daniel Rock: 8A*, 2A, 2B grades

Edward Parry: 6A*, 2A and 3B grades