Get your dog microchipped - for free!

UDC Animal Warden Sue Knight scanning a dog at a previous microchipping session

UDC Animal Warden Sue Knight scanning a dog at a previous microchipping session - Credit: Archant

DOG owners in Uttlesford are urged to attend an event to get their pet on the canine identity parade.

The Government announced last week that ALL dogs will have to be microchipped by April 2016 - although Uttlesford District Council’s animal warden, Sue Knight, has been offering a free microchipping service to dog owners since last August.

She was given 400 free microchips by the Dogs Trust and has since implanted more than 230 dogs with the vital data that will help reunite them with their owners if they get lost.

Under existing laws all dogs must wear a collar and ID tag showing your name and address when it’s in a public place. Microchipping is a quick and painless procedure that greatly increases the chances of pet and owner being re-united should the beloved pooch go astray.

The next chipping event is being held on Tuesday (February 19) between 1-3pm at the council offices on London Road, Saffron Walden.

And Sue is urging owners of unchipped dogs to atten.

“If your dog is already microchipped you must remember to get its ownership details changed on the national database if you move house,” she said.

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“The same goes for people who buy dogs from owners who have already had them microchipped they must ensure their details are placed on the database.

“Keeping the database up to date with your current address and contact details are of paramount importance as returning a dog to its rightful owner can only be done if the details are correct.

“Microchipping also helps reduce the number of stray dogs entering rescue centres or being put to sleep through no fault of their own.”

Under the changes to the Animal Welfare Act announced last Wednesday, dog owners who refuse or fail to have their pets microchipped by April 2016 face a fine of up to £500.

Government figures indicate that more than 100,000 dogs are dumped or lost each year at a cost to taxpayers and welfare charities of £57million.

For more information on dog microchipping, contact Sue on 01799 510594 or e-mail