Grand reunion planned in celebration of 40 years of Duxford Saturday Workshop

FORTY years ago 20 children, encouraged by then headmaster Peter Chivers, went to Duxford School on a Saturday morning to take part in creative drama, paying 2p per week.

Two years later they were also learning to play the recorder and over the years this expanded into learning other instruments.

In 1979 a charitable trust was formed and today some 350 children and adults attend the Duxford Saturday Workshop to learn instruments, take part in music theatre and performance poetry and to play in various orchestras and groups. They now pay 50p a week.

Over 40 tutors still give their time for free though the director is now paid by the Trust.

To celebrate 40 years of the workshop, the trustees are inviting all ex-members to a grand reunion and play-in on the afternoon of Saturday May 19.

A Facebook group, ‘Duxford Workshop Reunion’, has been set up to bring people together. If you would like to join, or for more information, contact Hazel Smith on or 01223 860752 or the current director, Arwen Gilbert, on or 01480 432956.