Have a safe holiday urge paramedics

THE time of the year has finally arrived when school children of all ages will be starting their eagerly awaited summer holidays.

The East of England Ambulance Service (EEAST) is urging children to take care and play safe during their summer holiday school break.

The following weeks ahead will no doubt see parents taking their children to their local accident and emergency department with various injuries following accidents which can be prevented.

EEAST spokesman Gary Sanderson said: “Ambulance crews throughout the East of England are normally kept very busy through throughout the summer holidays and unfortunately it’s inevitable that we will attend road traffic collisions involving children during this time.

“For example, it is quite common for paramedics to attend a child who has been knocked over whilst running out from a parked car to retrieve a football.”

He added: “We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday, but remember simple road safety tips which will help enjoy your time even more.

“We want everyone to have a good time this summer and not spending their holiday in a plaster cast or even worse, in a hospital bed.”

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For further information about keeping safe on the roads during the summer holidays, visit getstreetwise.com