Headteacher’s disappointment over Newport school break-in

Joyce Frankland Academy headteacher Gordon Farquhar

Joyce Frankland Academy headteacher Gordon Farquhar - Credit: Archant

The principal of Joyce Frankland Academy, Gordon Farquhar, says he is “frustrated” after vandals caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage to a door during a break-in at the school on Friday night (September 18).

The school’s alarm went off at 10.50pm on Friday evening when vandals gained entry to the languages block on the premises in Cambridge Road, Newport.

Around £300 worth of damage was caused to the timber entrance door, and tables were thrown around inside the building, but nothing was stolen.

Mr Farquhar, who was first alerted of the break-in on Saturday morning, said: “It’s one of those unfortunate things and a real shame. On the plus side, the damage was superficial, nothing was taken, and most importantly no-one was hurt.

“It’s frustrating, because that money could be better spent on educating young people. It’s vandalism for vandalism’s sake.

“I’m very happy with the security we have in place, and the emergency services responded straight away, it’s just a shame that people have to put these things to the test.”

A spokesperson for Essex Police said that investigations into the incident are on-going.