Covid reader survey reveals Saffron Walden is ready for a holiday!

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It's a year since we went into the first national coronavirus lockdown. 

We asked you to share your views on how Covid-19 has impacted on your life through our reader survey.

What won't be a surprise is you are likely or highly likely to visit high street shops once non-essential stores can open. You're also ready for a holiday! 

Here are those survey results in more detail.

We asked how much have your priorities changed since the pandemic began?

Almost half of respondents (49 percent) in the Saffron Walden area said priorities have changed.

Some 15 percent said priorities have changed a great deal since the pandemic began, 34 percent graded that question as agreeing on the scale of four out of five, and 20 percent picked the mid scale of three out of five.

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Of the remainder of the answers, 20 percent picked the mid scale of three, 15 percent said their answer was a two, and the lucky 17 percent said their life hadn't changed at all.

Nearly two thirds (63 percent) said they had abided by all lockdown restrictions and 37 percent said they had abided by lockdown restrictions with a few minor indiscretions. 

The last 12 months have been challenging with 41 percent saying their mental health is worse than before.

Saffron Walden respondents have mainly been physically active in the last 12 months, with 37 percent saying their physical activity is greater than before, and 37 percent the same as before. The remaining 27 percent have been less active than before.

Seven percent have suffered a job loss as a result of Covid, 10 percent are not looking forward to returning to their workplace, and two percent are worried about losing their job in the next 12 months.

The majority said they felt safer now the vaccination programme has moved forward.

On a scale of one to five, where one was not feeling safe at all and five was feeling completely safe, 17 percent said they felt completely safe, and 49 percent graded it as a four. Of the remainder, 29 percent graded it as a mid point three and five percent felt less sure with a grading of two.

We asked on a scale of one to five, how likely are you to visit high street shops once non-essential stores can open?

Some 44 percent graded this a five as very likely, 17 percent graded as a four, 17 percent graded as a mid point three, 17 percent graded as a two and five percent graded as a one for very unlikely.

We asked how often you think you will go to the pub once they re-open? The majority (54 percent) have missed the pub, and will go the same or more often than before.

The majority have also missed eating out and 61 percent of respondents plan to eat out the same amount as before or more.

Finally, we asked will you book a holiday? Nearly two thirds (74 percent) said yes - 54 percent of you are thinking about booking a UK break.

Thank you to all readers who took part.