Unpaid carers urged to come forward for Covid-19 vaccinations  

vial of Covid-19 vaccination

Covid-19 vaccination vials are in the district. - Credit: SIMON OGLE

Unpaid carers in Essex, aged 16 and over, are now eligible for the first Covid-19 vaccine dose. 

Essex County Council and the charity Carers First are urging all unpaid carers who have not yet been invited for an appointment by the NHS to visit the National Booking Service or call 119 to see if they are eligible.  

ECC has contacted 14,000 unpaid carers registered with their GP and local authority. 

But according to the census, there may be 150,000 unpaid carers in Essex, who are unregistered and still meet the criteria.  

They include parents or primary carers of children and young people who are disabled and clinically extremely vulnerable to Covid-19, or have underlying conditions; young carers aged 16+ of people who are elderly or clinically extremely vulnerable or have underlying conditions; carers for people with severe mental illness. 

Social care, healthcare and care providers have already been offered a vaccine dose.