Henham village now official ‘friends’ with Carver Barracks

SOME UK towns twin with one in Europe. Others, such as Wimbish – twinned with Tang Ting in Nepal – chose a more distant location.Or, in the case of Glenelg, Scotland – twinned with Glenelg, Mars – a different planet altogether.

Henham may be the first village to emulate a somewhat different spirit of the twinning pact by marking its friendship with Carver Barracks – and now it’s official after road signs to mark the link were unveiled on Saturday.

Henham resident Di Sammons, who was instrumental in getting the new signs, described the importance of the links between the two communities.

“For nearly three-and-a-half years Henham has been involved with raising money for the Injured Soldiers Fund, and to date almost �20,000 has been handed over to provide immediate aid to injured soldiers and to their relatives.

“These new road signs show Henham’s close association with Carver Barracks and the support for the soldiers and their efforts on our behalf,” she said.

Mrs Sammons adde that Carver Barracks was “a community that doesn’t get out much to meet other communities”. But she is hoping the friendships being forged between the two will encourage families and individuals to meet for tennis, golf and other sport and social events.

Events including cricket, football and rounders’ matches, as well as a tug-of-war competition, have already been planned for next year.

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Mrs Sammons said she was inspired to push for the road signs – located below speed restriction signs at three access points into Henham and which declare the village as being ‘Friends of Carver Barracks’ – by the popular practice of town twinning.

The signs were formally unveiled at a ceremony on Saturday. Lt Col Chris Barratt and officers from Carver Barracks, Saffron Walden MP Sir Alan Haselhurst, parish council chairman Nick Baker and the vicar of St Mary’s, the Rev Gary Townsend, were among the guests.